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About Us

Kristin Kozlowski, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, has been in alternative healthcare for over 17 years. She is a structural therapist, who assesses your posture, muscle tension, fascia restrictions and more to establish a plan for your massage therapy sessions. She has over 200 hours of continuing education credits under her belt, along with a degree from one of the most prestigious massage therapy programs in the state, National University of Health Sciences. Having used massage therapy herself to overcome overuse injuries, recover from car accidents, increase her range of motion, keep her ability to compete in 5Ks, and recover from childbirth, she understands how life is constantly changing. Her Massage Therapy sessions change with you and your body so that you can achieve optimal health. Kristin began her journey as a Reiki practitioner 14 years ago and practices both Usui and Sa Sakem Sahu Reiki. Together, these modalities address mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blocks to health. Over the years, Reiki has helped her reduce arthritic pain, calm anxiety, help from past trauma, and lead her best life. Let her help you, too. In addition to Massage Therapy and Reiki sessions, Kristin teaches classes on crystals, meditation, foam rolling and more. Please ask about upcoming classes.